Do you even believe in what is going on now a days on our Earth about Red Planet Mars, few days didn't even pass of one of the historical event of finding "Water" on Mars,
    NASA just got a picture of rocks on Mars, which almost resembles with a "statue of Budha", who did this thing on Mars, is it just a co-incident happened to be a rock that is just shaped like Budha or is there something called "The Power of God"
   However this Mars planet is giving us so many questionable and debatable notions on our planet Earth


Here is a video about a Martian God found on Red Planet

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New One - Honey Singh, Hritik and Sonam Kapoor

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See How GOOGLE has changed over 17 years :

I bet you'd be so pleased to know how google has evolved over 17 years 

Probably one can not imagine internet with out GOOGLE , it would have felt so dizzy if GOOGLE wasn't founded
However now in this year GOOGLE is into its 17th year since its establishment , which considered to be done by Larry Page. The current designated CEO is Sunder Pichai

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